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Punch your way
to a perfect physique
A high intensity cardio and muscular workout that combines boxing, exercises and cardio drills.

Boxercise Aberdeen

Boxercise is a fun and intensive way to improve your fitness. Our classes will challenge you but are aimed at all ages and levels of fitness. Everybody is welcome.


We hold classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Woodside Community Centre and also run ad-hoc classes around Aberdeen. We also offer one to one personal training sessions and can run special sessions for groups.

Improve Your Fitness

We run a variety of exercises that are designed to boost your fitness levels. Participants are paired up and perform exercises such as pad work, punch combinations and cardio.

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Who's it for



1-2-1 training. Learn boxing techniques, pad work, punch combinations, core work and cardio.


Corporate / Sports Teams

Great way to forget the office for an hour or two. Fun way to de-stress, motivate your team and lots of team bonding.



Small and large group boxing techniques, pad work, punch combinations, core work and cardio.



Work in pairs, focussing on pad work. Develops strength, flexibility, coordination and is great fun!

Public Classes

  • Tue
  • 7-8pm

Woodside Community Centre

  • Thu
  • 6.30-7.30pm

Woodside Community Centre


Personal Training



At the age of 49 I was genuinely dreading the big 50. My self esteem and confidence was pretty much in the tips of my toes. I knew I was the only one to 'fix' me so after a lot of thinking and not doing, I eventually called Tom of Boxercise Aberdeen.


For anyone that wants to yet, hasn't quite gained that motivation or confidence to join fitness, I assure you it's the way forward. If I can you can too! Fact is you will get addicted to feeling fitter, looking better and believing in yourself again - it's the best feeling in the world. No quick fix, just a dedicated change of lifestyle.

With 110% backing of a first class Boxercise Coach you can only go from strength to strength with a physique you will be proud of

When you believe you can, you will succeed


After initially carrying out one on one PT sessions with Boxercise Aberdeen to build my confidence after falling away from exercise while at university I quickly gained my love for training again. Tom encouraged me to join his Tuesday and Thursday classes where I could mix with a whole different group of individuals whom share the love for keeping fit.


Now a year on I have vastly improved my level of fitness and completely changed my body shape. I now participate in the two classes per week along with the Boxercise bootcamp on a Saturday morning.

I have watched my waist and hips decrease by inches and my leg muscle become far more muscular and defined due to the core and leg exercises throughout Toms classes, you work your entire body targeting all those 'problem areas'. I love seeing the results...

For anyone that wants to join but is lacking the confidence or motivation to get started, all I can say is I've been in those shoes but once you take that first step you'll never look back. It takes hard work and dedication however with the encouragement from a first class trainer you can achieve your goals.


Boxercise Aberdeen has helped me develop the speed and power that I struggled with before as a footballer. I lacked sharpness but after working with Tom I was able to improve on my reactions and overall strength.


I really enjoy the variation from the sessions, no two are the same and they are always high intensity. Tom takes on board any areas that you want to work on so that the training can be tailored to suit your goals.

I would recommend boxercise to everyone, anyone at any fitness level can do it. Tom works the individuals specific to their level of fitness/ability. A complete novice or a seasoned pro would benefit from the training.


Having hung up my football boots a few years back I had let myself go and piled far too much weight on. I decided to start running but found after a while it became very repetitive and I soon lost interest. Over a year ago now I thought I would give Tom's boxercise class a go and I have never looked back.


The training is like nothing I've done before and is different every week. In doing the class and changing my diet I've lost just under 2 stone and feel as fit as I ever have. The class is for all levels of fitness and if you’re looking to lose weight and get fit then I would definitely give this class a try.

Your Trainer

About Tom McPherson

Tom McPherson is a very enthusiastic, encouraging Boxercise trainer with a warm personality. His results are achieved through a positive no-nonsense approach to training with 20 years experience in the industry.

Over the years he has helped people of all levels accomplish their personal training goals.

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